About Synergos About Synergos

SYNERGOS Financial Group was established by Robert Laura and Drummond Osborn who together have over four decades of investment and retirement planning experience. Throughout their careers they have managed in excess of $100 million for several publicly traded companies and banks. Together, they maintain five industry designations and belong to numerous national as well as local professional associations.

Within the last two years, both Robert & Drummond have been quoted in over 25 major news articles including national media outlets such as CNBC, CNN, USA Today, MSNBC, Fox business and more. Click here to view our most recent media coverage.

They are recognized experts on individual stocks, exchange traded funds, fixed income, preferred stocks, as well as retirement income and wellness.

Our fee only approach means clients never pay a sales commission on any product or recommendations. Unlike most brokerage firms and some bank trust departments, we choose from an unlimited number of investments and design low-cost personal investment strategies to meet your objectives.

At Wealth and Wellness Group, you are our client and we are your advocate. Our legal and fiduciary duty is to place your interests ahead of all others. Learn more about how we go to work for you, our style and approach by reading our monthly newsletter, and our comprehensive retirement wellness approach.