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We are recognized experts in the areas of individual stocks, exchange traded funds, fixed income, preferred stocks, as well as retirement income and wellness. Together we have more than four decades of investment, retirement planning, and... Read More

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In most cases, clients are looking for us to help them avoid making costly investment or retirement planning mistakes; Decide when to take Social Security and other withdrawals from their retirement plans; Review their current portfolio, and... Read More

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Whether it's your portfolio or our monthly Market Pulse newsletter, you'll find that our investment strategy and beliefs are based on a disciplined process that centers around our desire to educate and communicate what we're doing and... Read More

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Retirement planning today isn't just about money. After all, no one wants to run out of money, let alone family, friends, and good health. That's why we provide tools and resources to help you stay relevant, active, and better prepared for everyday life... Read More