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For too long individual investors have been handicapped in the retirement planning process. Our goal is to level the playing field and help consumers design and live a more meaningful and purpose driven retirement. Therefore we have created an educational initiative, The Retirement Project where we offer a wide variety of educational workshops, lunch and learn programs, and seminars. Some of our most popular workshops include:

Naked Retirement: Fun and creative approach to retirement that strips away the numbers and addresses everyday life in retirement. Learn how to replace your work identity, stay socially connected, remain physically healthy, and more. Create a Retirement Wellness Plan, build a retirement curious list, and change your retirement life forever by answering three revealing questions.

Guide To Dividend Investing: For people who are interested in learning how to find and use dividend paying stocks for retirement income. We'll explore the Five Secrets to selecting and monitoring dividend paying companies, key ratios to watch, and how to avoid high-yield traps. Discover how dividend stocks can signal market ups and downs as well as how to create a monthly dividend paycheck when you retire

Do-It-Yourself Retirement Planning: Learn how to select and monitor investments including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities. FREE retirement planning resources to help answer questions like how much do I need to have saved to retire, how much can I withdrawal each year, and should I pay off my house to name a few. Discover what to look for in a financial advisor and signals for when to be in and out of the market.

To view our complete list of seminars and workshops or to sign up for one, please fill-out our contact form here or call 888-267-1138 (Michigan) or 800-889-7401 (Indiana).

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