Do-It-Together Investing Do-It-Together Investing

Our Do-It-Together (D-I-T) investing program is the first to blend the skills and expertise of professional investment management with the capabilities and desires of individual investors. Our program is one of the first to allow you to become an active part of the ongoing investment selection, execution, and review process. The program provides asset allocation and investment recommendations that individual investors can implement in their own retirement plan or online trading account.

Cost & Control are the main benefits to the program:

The program was created to give you access to investment professionals at a reasonable cost and empowers investors by giving them the ultimate control over the recommendations they receive.

After discussing your personal situation, we simply email you when we are initiating the purchase or sale of a particular investment. We tell you how much to buy or sell along with a preferred price to execute it at. Generally speaking we seek out recognizable companies, with a history of growing profits and rising dividends. We like to buy stocks trading at a discount to fair market value and hold those shares for their dividend and potential long-term appreciation. We generaly sell shares when the dividend declines, the fundamentals fail or the price appreciation meets a client's expectations.

We also understand that while investing in individual stocks may not be appropriate for everyone, everyone should have access to investment expertise. For these individual, we design personalized portfolios of low-costs exchange-traded funds. Either way, the annual fee for the D-I-T program is based on the size of the assets we are helping you manage with a minimum fee of $500. To learn more about the program and to discuss how it can help you contact us by phone or email.

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