Second Opinion Review Second Opinion Review

Second Opinion Overview

Interested in making sure your investments are working hard for you and generating the types of return and income you desire, or not sure if you need a second opinion, take the quiz.

Summary Report:

We start our review process by defining the scope of work to be done and then provide all of our recommendations in writing. With personalized insights and explanations, clients can better understand their options.

Detailed Portfolio Review & Analysis

We use a variety of reports to help clients understand and compare their current portfolio to our recommended changes. Addressing specific items including: holdings, allocations, risks, fees, yield, and stress test are just some of the factors we walk you through and educate you on.

Retirement Income / Dividend Paycheck

For income oriented investors, we offer reports that can provide a detailed overview of yield and income payments. Helpful highlights include levels of dividend stability, inflation protection, and more.

Our goal is to meet investors where they are at. To address their investment and financial objectives through a four-step process designed to foster trust and includes ongoing monitoring and communication.

Our process starts with you

1.) You tell us what you're thinking and feeling. Let us know about past experiences with financial advisors, your stock market likes and dislikes, and overall expectations.

We go to work for you

2.) As fee based fiduciaries, we are required to work in your best interests. Therefore, based on your situation, experiences, and expectations, we'll provided detailed analysis that allows you to compare what you are currently doing with our recommendations.

Educate and Clarify for you

3.) Next we'll educate you and show you how our suggestions will help you achieve your goals. Your trust and input is important so you don't pay for our services until you are comfortable with our approach and plan.

Work With or For You

4.) We offer a flexible process for implementation. That means we can either take the lead and provide full investment management or help you set up our recommendations with an existing custodian or platform.