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Unbeknownst to many investors, many financial advisors don't write their own newsletters. They rely on others to formulate the thoughts and opinions they send out to clients. Our newsletter, on the other hand, is written by us, for our clients, and is designed to reflect what they are holding and why they are holding it. We feel it's an important way to empower existing clients while building trust with new clients. Below are our three latest newsletters with short excerpts.

June 2017: We feel the market may be at a tipping point where a recent trend of soft data and lack of progress from the Trump administration may suggest the need to get... Download Newsletter

May 2017: Overall, corporate earnings, policy agenda, and economic data may not be shining as bright as some may have hoped, however, we believe that this market remains... Download Newsletter

April 2017: The President’s aggressive agenda took a hit when a Republican-led Bill that would have replaced Obamacare was defeated. As a result, this campaign miss has fueled some... Download Newsletter

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